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In the beginning...
Since the late 1980's, TENSUnit.com has been caring for people around the world. TENS Unit pain relief is drug free and effective.

When the internet was just beginning, two major TENS unit companies emerged: TENSunit.com and Body Clock. Both were leading suppliers of TENS units to pharmacy chains, medical professionals and hospitals worldwide.  It was a natural development for the two companies to merge in an effort to better serve the public worldwide.  Not only do we provide the ultimate choice of TENS and Electro Acupuncture units, we also offer a wide range of EMS units which are ideal for both cosmetic and medical muscle toning.

Why should I buy from TENSunit.com?
As you may have guessed from our name, TENS units are our speciality. We are simply the experts in TENS technology. We have always moved with the times; As technology has improved so we have we. We believe that we have a duty to sell the best TENS units and we offer a very wide range to choose from. Many of our units have a 2 year guarantee against manufacturer’s defects.

So join our many happy customers and get pain relief today!

You can contact us by calling (914) 613-3330 or you can email us.

TENSunit.com is part of the Body Clock group of companies.

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